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Workshop STREAM 8 - IR

See the unseen with Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

Lecturers: Noman Khan


  • Basics of Infrared Thermal Imaging

  • Radiation Physics

  • Thermal Physics

  • Applications of thermal imaging-Industrial, Building and others

  • Optical Gas Imaging Technology

  • Automation in Infrared cameras and software solutions

  • Early Fire Detection and other automation applications

  • Aerial Thermal Imaging using Drones



Noman Khan

Thermography Level III-Certified by ITC-Sweden-Course completed in London-UK

RPAS/UAS Commercial Pilot Certification-Approved by DCAA-U.A.E

Vibration Analysis Category II (ISO 18436-2): Mobius Institute Board of Certification-


Furnace Thermography-Infrared Training Center-Sweden

Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training-TBOSIET(OPITO#


OPITO Basic H2S Training(OPITO #9014)

Thermography Level II (ISO 18436-2): Infrared Training Center-Sweden

Thermography Level I (ISO 18436-2): Infrared Training Center-Sweden

Shaft Alignment Training-Mobius Institute

Calibration Training-by SPM. Course completed in Sweden for Vibration Analyzers

Airborne Ultrasound Training-by SDT. Course completed in Belgium for various


Ultrasonic Testing Level 2-ASNT-Kalva Engineers Pvt Ltd-India

Automation Training in Thermography for Condition Monitoring, Machine Vision

and Industrial Safety for various industrial machines -attended in Stockholm,Sweden

Certified for Uncertainty in Measurements for Testing and Calibration by Abu Dhabi

Quality and Conformity Council (QCC-Abu Dhabi)

Certified for ISO 17025 Assessor for Testing and Calibration by Abu Dhabi Quality

and Conformity Council (QCC-Abu Dhabi)

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