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Workshop STREAM 7 LIMC

LUBExpert Implementation Master Class Training

Lecturer: Haris Trobradovic


LUBExpert Implementation Master Class is a unique and comprehensive training program for Ultrasound-guided Condition Based Lubrication, from understanding Why, through performing the task, all the way to the implementation process and steering the sustainable strategy.

This training, through three modules and exams, teaches you and confirms your knowledge in three different areas, depending on your role: Advocate, Specialist, and Strategist

Start with being an Advocate and lead the change in your company!

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Haris Trobradovic

Born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia, Haris spent 20 years in wood processing and manufacturing before joining the Ultrasound, Condition Monitoring and Reliability journey as a member of the SDT Ultrasound Solutions team. Focused on the improvement of Reliability performance through all its aspects, particularly focused on Ultrasound technology, Condition Monitoring and, as a strong passion, Condition Based Lubrication.


Haris is deeply involved in the improvement of Reliability Culture and proactive towards Lubrication excellence. Writing, publishing, and presenting, but most of all learning is what drives him. Proud member of SDT Ultrasound Solutions team where continuous improvement is a way of life.

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