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Workshop Stream 5

Bearing Failure Root Cause Analysis is a MUST!

Lecturer: Per Arnold Elgquist Olsson


Do you want to avoid bearing failures to repeat? The only way is to realize root cause failure analysis to identify the causes for the failures and determine and implement the required corrective actions!

In this Workshop you will learn the basics:

1. How long should bearings really last? This is most important to know in order to define if the bearing has reached its calculated life or if it is a premature failure. I will present an example to show the importance.

If it is a premature failure the failure analysis is a must in order to make the replacement bearing last as long as required. If not, the replacement bearing will fail premature due to the same cause!

2. Learn how to perform a bearing root cause failure analysis in a most practical and effective way.

3. Get to know the different failure modes for bearing failures and their causes.

4. Learn the 10 most relevant causes for bearing failures.

5. Learn how to select use the most suitable predictive technologies in order to detect initial failures, or even symptoms of failures before the initial irreversible failure occurs, in order to avoid catastrophic failures. These are most often unplanned and most costly due to collateral damages and long downtime, and, in many cases make the failure analysis most difficult due to the advanced damages.

During the workshop several practical exercises will take place where you will learn how to apply the process of bearing failure analysis in an easy and practical way.


1. The importance of calculated bearing service life.

2.  A bearing root cause failure analysis in a most practical and effective way.

3. Which are the different bearing failure modes and how they point out the required corrective actions.

4. Which are the 10 most relevant failure causes for rolling element bearings. 


Per Alrnold.jpg

Per Arnold Elgquist Olsson

Consultant, assessor and trainer with more than 40 years of experience with rolling element rolling bearings, from the design, manufacturing, applications and maintenance.

He is considered the most knowledgeable bearing specialist in Latin America and certified in Technical Services with Distinction by SKF College in 1990.

Currently he is the General Director of the company TRIBOLOGIA APLICADA, S.A. DE C.V. in Mexico City, serving not only the Mexican territory but also Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Argentina.

His technical service portfolio includes a complete range of courses for bearing applications and reliability in industrial applications, technical assessments regarding the selection of bearings, bearing lubrication, fits on shafts and in housings, condition monitoring technologies for predictive and proactive maintenances, different audits like bearing reliability, bearing lubrication, bearing conditions in warehouses and bearing failure root cause analysis.

Born in Sweden but also acquired the Mexican citizenship in 1986; Speaks fluently Swedish, Spanish and English and 80% German.

General Director for the STLE (Society of Tribologists and Lubricating Engineers) Mexico Section 2003 – 2005.

Speaker at STLE:s Annual Meetings 2004 in Toronto and 2005 in Las Vegas. Presented an investigation on oil cleanliness in oil mist lubrication at the ASTM Annual Meeting in San Diego 2007. Speaker at ITESM University (Tecnológico de Monterrey), IBERO University, Noria USA and Noria Latin America, Datastream, IMMP (Instituto Mexicano de Mantenimiento Predictivo), Pequiven and PDVSA in Venezuela, Petrobras in Brazil and Ipeman in Peru.

Published several articles in technical magazines like Mantenimiento Productivo.

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