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Workshop Stream 3: VIB

Vibration analysis workshop

Lecturer: Dr. Ninoslav Zuber


Demonstration of vibration measurement setup on rotating machine (vibration test rig) using innovative machine builder as a part of Falcon and Nest i4.0 system from ACOEM. Demonstration of Accurex methodology for automatic vibration analysis based on artificial intelligence. Demonstration of manual vibration analysis on the same machine. Presentation of several case studies for different machine faults and several case studies that differ from the classical patterns with emphasis on phase analysis for reliable vibration analysis.



Dr. Ninoslav Zuber

Ninoslav spent more than 20 years in the field of vibration measurement and analysis. As a professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences he teaches students of mechanical engineering to measurement science and technical diagnostics. At the same time as a general manager of ProActive Solutions he is devoted to supporting reliability and maintenance teams in different industries through measurement systems delivery, certified and custom trainings, mentoring, acceptance testing and vibration troubleshooting.

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